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Message from the Executive Director

The Tanzania Association  of Oil Marketing Companies (TAOMAC) provides a unique platform to our members-the oil marketing companies, including LPG traders and lubricants sellers, on which to deliberate upon common issues and challenges facing the industry. TAOMAC also strives to promote the best practices among its members, i.e. adherence to standards, compliance with laws, regulations and ethical codes to ensure a competitive and sustainable downstream petroleum industry. TAOMAC is committed to creating value for its members and the community at large by undertaking various programs including legal services support, expert reviews and capacity building in areas such as risks management, compliance and leadership coaching. 

Through its committed members, TAOMAC proactively and constructively engage with the Government and its institutions and or regulators to address common challenges facing the industry. TAOMAC’s aims at seeing that policy, legal and regulatory reforms in the country take into account the concerns of industry and the private sector in general for the betterment of the local business environment and the long term sustainability of industry, which in turn benefits the nation at large.

We value the communities within which our members do business. To this end, we encourage our members to give back to the communities, protect the environment and health and safety of all those that are at risk from our members’ operations. We cordially invite you to be part of this crucial business platform in our beloved country.

Raphael B.T. Mgaya ACG


Tanzania Association of Oil Marketing Companies

Tanzania Association of Oil Marketing Companies (TAOMAC) is an organization, which was established on 23 March 2000 under the Societies Act, CAP 337.  TAOMAC strives to promote a sustainable and competitive downstream petroleum sector, where all oil marketing companies (OMCs) conduct ethically and fairly.  It provides a platform for all its members, regardless of their size, to deliberate upon and resolve on issues that are common to all OMCs. Besides, TAOMAC provides members with various supports including but not limited to legal services, information and marketing intelligence services. TAOMAC also acts as an intermediary between OMCs and the industry regulators and other Government ministries and agencies through a proactive and collaborative engagement approach that ensures that new legislation, regulations and public policy development addresses the critical concerns of the OMCs

Our Vision

To be the hub for maintaining trust to the consumers, Government and the regulators in upholding best practices in the petroleum products business

Our Mission

To promote trust through establishment and enforcement of membership Ethical Code of Conduct, enhancement of office performance, improvement of communication and networking strategies and conducting evidence based research