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At the Board of Governors meeting held on 3 April 2020, it was unanimously agreed to adopt some principles of business ethical conducts to guide and to be followed by  the  oil marketing companies(OMCs) operating in downstream petroleum subsector in Tanzania. The adopted principles are as follows:

All members of TAOMAC should behave ethically in the market to ensure there is discipline amongst market participants and in particular each oil marketing company (OMC) shall comply with the following ethical conducts at a minimum:

  1. Only OMCs who are part of the BPS and are importing regularly will sell petroleum products in bulk;
  2. There shall be no horizontal selling of petroleum products, i.e. an OMC shall not sell to another OMC that is licensed to import through BPS unless permission is sought from and granted by EWURA;
  3. Retail petroleum stations shall deal only with retail fuel trade and shall not engage in bulk sales of petroleum products;
  4. Each OMC shall abide by all applicable laws, regulations and rules governing its operations and the downstream petroleum sector;
  5. Each OMC shall protect the environment and adhere to the  highest standards of health and safety  to protect property and persons; and
  6. Each OMC should inform EWURA in confidence any abnormal or excessive products purchases by the retail station seller.