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The main purposes of the of TAOMAC include
(i) Act in the best interest of all members and protect and further the interests of the members in ensuring a sustainable, environmentally sound, profitable and organized industry and business environment for the importation, transportation, and distribution of petroleum products in the United Republic of Tanzania and for transit business

(ii) Promote a code of conduct and good practice, including but not limited to good environment practice, for the oil marketing companies

(iii) Promote the continuation of the oil industry by inter alia requiring and encouraging all participants in the industry to become members of the Association and adhere to the principles set out in this Constitution  and laws, specifically those relating to health, safety and  sound environmental practices

(iv) Proactively engage with the government and Regulatory Authorities on a national, regional and local level to further the general interests of the Association and its Members and if necessary promote, support or challenge, as may be deemed expedient any proposal, legislative or other measures which may affect the interests of Members

(v) To enter into such commercial enterprises as the Board of Governors consider desirable in the furtherance of the interest of Members

(vi) Take all such steps as may be necessary and expedient to ensure that all Oil Marketing Companies become Members of the Association and subscribe to this Constitution and the principles set out in this Constitution

(vii) Co-operate with such other organizations and entities locally and international when expedient to do so in the overall interest of the Environment and the Members of the Association 

(viii) Endeavor to promote representation of all stakeholders throughout the downstream petroleum industry

(ix) Promote co-operation a among Members for the good of their common   interests